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Automatic Tablet Coating Machine – Anchor Coater (Auto Coater)

The ANCHOR COATER is suitable for both film coating and sugar coating. Appropriate baffles provided in the pan ensure efficient tumbling action of the tablet bed. Solution tank with stirrer, peristaltic pump and anti-bearding spray gun ensure efficient coating.

Inlet AHU and exhaust AHU regulate the airflow to maintain negative pressure, required temperature and air volume in the chamber for controlled drying. Each of the air handling units are designed to meet the customer’s individual needs and are configured to meet even the most demanding environmental conditions.

Salient Features

  • Perforated pans with rabbit-eared baffles
  • PLC with HMI
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance can be provided
  • Recipe Management and Password protection
  • Spraying systems spray gun with fan controls.
  • Spray angle and distance to the tablet bed can be adjusted.
  • Anti bearding spray nozzles provided for efficient spray pattern for coating without beard formation.
  • Tablet unloading attachment ensuring discharge of single tablet without manual intervention

Automatic Tablet Coating Machine - Anchor Coater
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