The Pharmafill A3 R&D Model is a fully automatic table top capsule filling machine, ideal for Lab scale operation.
The machine is supplied with 55 316/55 316L contact parts as per user requirement. The machine can be used to fill capsules from sizes 00 to 5. It can be used to fill Powder, Pellets and Tablets with interchangeable parts.

Salient Features

  • Design and finish comply with cGMP standards.
  • Programmable Logic Control with Human Machine Interface
  • Tamping Mechanism for Powder filling enables a weight variation of +/- 2% depending on powder characteristics and fill weight.
  • Variable Frequency Drive for main motor ensures speed adjustment.
  • Unseparated empty capsule ejection station.
  • Acrylic Hood is provided for Operator Safety
Pharmafill A3