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Automatic Tablet Coating Machine

The Automatic Tablet Coating System (Auto Coater) is suitable for both Film and Sugar coating. Due to its high efficiency with regard to material yield and energy consumption, coating achieved is of high quality. The machine is supplied with 55 316/55 316L contact parts as per user requirement.
Interchangeable pans of 8″, 12″ and 18″ available as options.

Salient Features

  • Design and finish comply with cGMP standards.
  • Perforated pans with rabbit-ear type baffles.
  • Programmable Logic Control with Human Machine Interface.
  • Spray angle and distance to the tablet bed can be adjusted.
  • Solution tank with Stirrer, Peristaltic pump and Anti-bearding spray gun ensures efficient coating.
  • Tablet unloading attachment ensures discharge of every single tablet without manual intervention.
  • Flameproof Construction, HEPA filter, Variable frequency drives, Scrubbers, PID control valve can be supplied as an option.
Automatic Tablet Coating Machine