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Automatic Torque Based Cap Sealing Machine

The Automatic Torque Based Cap Sealing machine is ideal for Screw / CRC capping of incoming bottles to the required torque which can be set using the HMI. The Capping heads are servo driven thus ensuring higher accuracy of capping to the set torque.

Salient Features

  • Suitable for Screw / CRC caps of Glass / PET / HDPE bottles with appropriate change parts.
  • Servo Driven Capping heads with Set and Actual torque displays on the HMI.
  • Pick and Place arrangement for Screw / CRC caps for 4 head model and above.
  • PLC Controlled with Touch screen HMI.
  • Online Rejection system for low / high torque relative to set value.
  • Machine is also suitable for ROPP cap sealing with required interchangeable parts.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance can be provided.
Model 1H 4H 6H 8H 12H
Up to 50 Up to 80 Up to 100 Up to 120 Up to 190

* Output dependent on size, shape and type of bottles

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