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Isolator Compatible Granulation Line

Isolator Compatible Granulation lines are the latest in technology in granulation equipment suitable for Containment applications. The complete line can be fitted in a single isolator chamber with Wash-In-Place thus ensuring continuous process flow upto final blending and ensuring compliance to the required OEL levels.

Salient Features

  • Complete Granulation line consisting of Sifter, RMG, FBD, Conemill and Blending fitted in a single isolator chamber thus complying to required OEL levels.
  • Varying batch Capacities ranging from 1 kg to 15 kg can be manufactured depending on customer requirement
  • WIP compatible
  • Special Seals provided in working zone to prevent leakage outside the Isolator
  • Filtration of upto 0.3 microns for air to ensure minimum exposure of product to external environment
  • PLC system with HMI.
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliance can be provided
Isolator Compatible Granulation Line