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High Shear Mixer Granulator – RAPIDMIX

RAPIDMIX – High Shear Mixer Granulator has been developed for mixing of ingredients as well as wet granulation. The multi-bladed impeller is fitted close to the base of the mixing bowl whereas the chopper is mounted on the wall of the mixing bowl. Both the impeller & the chopper have dual-speed options for gently distributing the binder solution as it is added and creating the vortex of the material being mixed.

Salient Features

  • Design and finish comply with cGMP standards.
  • Contact parts in SS 316 ISS 316L can be provided as per user requirement.
  • Motorised lifting arrangement for main impeller can be provided as an option.
  • WIP Manifold (spray ball arrangement) for washing product contact surfaces.
  • Specially designed impeller blades to optimize high speed can be provided as an option.
  • Precision engineering to minimize clearance between bowl and impeller.
  • Machine is supplied with standard manual controls.
  • Programmable Logic Control with Human Machine Interface for the visual display of the operating parameters can be provided as an option.
  • Variable Frequency Drive for Impeller & Chopper can be provided as an option.
  • Specially designed air-purged cGMP shaft seals.
  • Jacketed Bowl Provision can be provided as an option.
  • Flame-proof construction can be provided as an option.
  • In line Com ill can be provided as an option.
  • Torque Meter can be provided as an option.

High Shear Mixer Granulator - RAPIDMIX

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