Fluid Bed Dryer/Processor – FLUIDRY

FLUlDRY Fluid Bed Dryer works on the principle of creating a fluid turbulence in a granulated or powdery wet product by means of hot or dehumidified air flowing in an upward direction and drying the product to the required degree.

Salient Features

  • Contact parts in SS 316 ISS 316L can be provided as per user requirement.
  • Short drying time and Low drying temperature.
  • Uniform drying.
  • Rapid exchange of granules.
  • Single piece retarding chamber and finger bag chamber with inflatable gasket.
  • Electric I steam I hot water circulation -air heating systems with SS heat exchangers.
  • Fully automatic bag shaking I lifting I lowering arrangement.
  • Intrinsically safe earthing mechanism.
  • Compact design.
  • Inlet-air filtration system having 20 Micron Coarse Filter, 5 Micron Pre Filter and 0.3 Micron HEPA filters (Efficiency 99.9 %) can be provided as an option.
  • Differential pressure gauge across micro-vee and filter bag can be provided as an option.
  • Air Handling Unit: Consists of Inlet Air Filters (3 Stage) including HEPA and heating coils.
  • Retarding Chamber: Houses the Finger Bag Assembly
  • Bag Shaking and Lowering Device: Pneumatically operated specially designed three stage bag shaking arrangement.
  • Gaskets: Food grade Silicon
  • Exhaust Air Blower: Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller in SS I Aluminium I MS painted.
  • Explosion Vent with Rupture Disc: For relief of explosion or any excess pressure built up, a rupture disc of appropriate material and thickness is provided in the explosion vent.
  • Sampling Device: To carry out periodical sampling & analysis of material.
  • Inlet and Exhaust Dampers :with PLC Interface.
  • Earth Safety Relay: A safety earth circuit relay is provided to discharge static charge.
  • Solid Flow Monitor: To detect product leakage from filter bag can be provided as an option.
  • Wash In Place (WIP) System: Can be provided as an option.

Fluid Bed Dryers - FLUIDRY